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We are launching a new cloud based Unit4 Prosoft V9 on 10 July, 2021.

Come back and find out how V9 can benefit you.

Unit4 Focus

Our cloud-based enterprise software is based on a simple premise. Give your people the means to focus on what matters, and the people they serve will benefit.

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Human Resource Management designed for the speed of business.

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS

Designed to elevate your productivity, our leading Prosoft HRMS solution ensures that your firm works smart by properly managing your payroll and human resource needs. The work that matters stays front and centre, while operational tasks run in the background, automated. 

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Unit4 HR & Payroll Outsourcing

Unit4 HR & Payroll Outsourcing services puts our expert knowledge at your disposal so your staff are free to perform the high-value tasks that deliver results and competitive advantage. By outsourcing your payroll to Unit4, you can ensure full redundancy by eliminating single points of failure.

Built on Unit4 People Platform

The People Platform is a microservices-based SaaS architecture that underpins the delivery of intelligent enterprise applications. It provides the foundation for your organization to innovate and deliver great experiences for your people. 

Introducing the People Experience

Experience the heart and soul of a better way for your people to work – it’s all 4U.

Let's talk about how Unit4 Prosoft can help you work smarter, with greater flexibility and scalability.


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