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Prosoft HRMS

End-to-end Human Resource Management System designed for the speed of business

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Empower Your People To Accomplish More

Designed to make human resource management both simpler and more effective, Unit4 Prosoft is a suite of HR software solutions that is comprehensive, fully integrated, flexible, and easy to use, that scales from project teams up to a global workforce. 

Designed For People

Built to fulfill the needs of the people using it. By automating key tasks, your HR processes become more efficient. 

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Designed For Change

Respond to changing market conditions, resource availability and new regulations more cost-effectively whilst minimising disruptions.

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Designed For Mobility

Enable your people to remain connected and engaged when they are away from the office. 

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Empower Your People To Accomplish More

Designed to make human resource management both simpler and more effective, Unit4 Prosoft is a suite of HR software solutions that is comprehensive, fully integrated, flexible, and easy to use, that scales from project teams up to a global workforce.


    Ease and enhance employee database management. Track all employee information, including historical changes, and provide easy retrieval of information. Employees can perform self-service tasks such as updating of personal data.  This module complies with Personal Data Protection Act to ensure that all personnel data is protected.

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    Simplify and automate the tedious task of calculating employees’ wages. Define multiple pay runs, allowances and deductions that are applicable to every employee with detailed reports. Interface to your finance system's general ledger. 

    Regional payroll software capabilities cover statutory requirements for China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

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    Streamline the entire leave administration process in your organisation – from leave eligibility and entitlement, to leave application and tracking, to on-leave compensation. Define unlimited types of leave. Ensure accuracy with leave management among employees and help provide managers with a complete understanding of leave trends, costs and entitlements.

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    Simplify expense claims administration for your organisation with our user-friendly human resource management solution. Allow various trackable claims for entitlements or reimbursements via the payroll software. Submit multiple claims in one app.

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    Simplify and streamline the the submission, tracking and processing of working hours, with online submission of work-related claims as well as reliable capture and access to working hours and cross-charging information. Monitor and track overtime hour records that are self-updated by employees, with minimum overhead. Export approved hours to Payroll system for processing without additional data input.

    Screenshot of Prosoft Timesheets


    Calculate all the time elements, based on employees’ clocking, using our wide range of electronic clocks and the latest biometric verification devices with a comprehensive, flexible and extensible solution. Manage viewable attendance, overtime hours, overtime approval and payments.

    Screenshot of Prosoft Attendence


    Unit4 Prosoft Recruitment module provides a one-stop solution to your recruiting needs, including staff requisition, job posting, candidate selection, confirmation and on-boarding.  The Recruitment module ensures a more efficient working experience for your HR and recruitment team. It also provides prospective candidates a seamless experience.

    Screenshot of Prosoft Recruitment


    Conduct employee performance appraisals completely online, without time-consuming and inefficient traditional paper-based forms. The appraisal module also integrates with the training module so you can easily setup learning plans for all employees for an integrated human resource information system.

    Screenshot of Prosoft Appraisals


    Organise and oversee employees' training and learning needed to operate at optimal levels of performance and compliance at the highest level of success. Manage your training budget and oversee employees’ competency level and training plans. 

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    Unit4 Prosoft is a human resource management platform that seamlessly helps HR teams to track, manage and analyze employees through the entire Human Resource cycle including tools to enable, reward, develop and retain your talented people. 

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    Unit4 Prosoft capabilities

    We can help make a difference and enable you to process your payroll quickly and accurately. Multiple pay runs can be defined with relevant allowances and deductions that are applicable to every employee. You can consolidate and manage data from different sources across multiple business entities, and gain insights with detailed reporting.

    • A highly configurable system, allowing super-users and admin users to configure the system.

    • Reduce the cost of post-implementation fees, this significantly lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    • Deployment on cloud (SaaS) in order to enjoy enhanced performance, auto-scaling, geo-distribution and AI / natural language understanding.

    • Product, operations and hosting facilities are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified for utmost data protection.

    Our Customers Say

    D + 1 Holding

    "We are very pleased with D+1’s automated solutions, and this has allowed us to focus on more value-added activities such as training and recruitment, due to HR spending less time on manually preparing and processing payroll for all our entities."

    Amy Ching, Human Resources Manager, D+1

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    Watsons Malaysia

    "Employees have provided feedback that Prosoft has eased the burden of submitting forms, and that the approval process is much faster and efficient, without manually having to seek their boss' approval in person."

    Geoffrey Edward Moore, Human Resources Controller

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