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How the latest technology can enhance your employee engagement

How the latest technology can enhance your employee engagement

from  September 20, 2021 | 5 min read

One of the lessons learned from the pandemic is how important employee engagement is during a time of uncertainties, something that we never experienced in our life before.  

Employee engagement levels can indicate whether your employees are likely to stay with your organization in the long term.

A survey conducted by Achievers* in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland in 2020 indicates that on average only 35% of respondents considered themselves as very engaged to their company. But in the Netherlands, for example, 20% of employees described themselves as disengaged and 10% are already looking for other jobs somewhere else.

Today, especially when most organizations plan to bring the employees back to the offices, we have to look at employee engagement differently through the Covid pandemic view where a lot of things seem unpredictable. And there is a need to find more innovative ways to have a better engagement with employees.

This includes how technology will help to generate more channels to improve employee engagement.

Broadcasting of news bulletins to employees is common and is one of the employer's ways of communicating and efficiently engaging with their employees and this one also can be achieved by the Broadcast Message feature.

Broadcast Message

To further improve employee engagement and communication, Prosoft V9 provides an option for these bulletins to be available in Mobile App. This enables HR to push out any critical information or other engagement initiatives to employees just in time, while employees can receive updates on the go, through their mobile phones.

Another channel that we can explore to engage the employees is the use of the Employee Dashboard.

Mobile Broadcast



With an enhanced dashboard available in Employee Self Service (V9), we can engage the employees with news bulletins & videos embedding for a more targeted audience, while also provide the employees with an overview of their critical tasks pending to be actioned on, such as their to-do list.

Accessing their most performed business activities can also be done easily and quickly via the Quick Links available.

We can also configure a designated dashboard per entity or user role. So, it will provide different dashboards for each country and roles for a certain user (for employees with multiple roles, or organizations with multiple entities).


Another possibility to have better engagement with employees can also be done through a chatbot with the help of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

The APIs open up many potentials for system innovations as they can be integrated into many things that may benefit users in productivity and transform the businesses, one of them is a chatbot.

Using API, for example, will enable the employee to request an annual leave using a chatbot that will update their leave status on the system.

APIs allow us to have a secured and reliable option for end-to-end service interaction. With the APIs, access to the information and the services for data synchronization and system integration can be done more efficiently and more flexibly.

The Prosoft R&D Team has prepared some APIs in the roadmap that gradually will cover all functionalities in the system.

One of the APIs, Employee API, is currently available and ready for implementation. This API allows real-time data access to the employee information which enables us to have more effective and reliable employee data synchronization and system integration immediate response and lesser manual work.      

In the end, creativity is needed to generate all engagement initiatives during this unprecedented situation, but the latest technology can provide some innovative ways using several channels that have never been used before to keep the employees engaged in their work and retain them in the organization.

*Engagement and Retention Report (










Dhina Ekawati

Dhina Ekawati

Lead Product Manager of HCM, Unit4 APAC

Dhina Ekawati is the Lead Product Manager of HCM in Unit4 APAC with more than 15 years of professional experience in different industries. She completed her postmaster program in Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 2007 with a design of a strategic workforce planning system as her final project, which landed her a job as a Product Manager in an HR solution provider in Germany after graduation. She is passionate about HR analytics and technology and how to use them to improve HR processes.