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prosoft single source of truth

Prosoft as a single source of truth: what’s new in Q2?

from  May 18, 2022 | 5 min read

The pandemic gave us many things to learn, especially in the HR area. The significant attrition trend pushes organizations to improve their employee experience with new initiatives such as a hybrid workforce and flexible working hours.  Prosoft as a single source of truth is one of the objectives that we want to achieve, to have all HR information available in Prosoft so that we can support workplace flexibility while also providing better documentation for audit purposes and an easier way to perform analytics.  Two following new features are introduced in this Q2 2022 to support this:

Payroll dashboard

The payroll dashboard is developed mainly to support the payroll automation developed in the previous quarter. The payroll automation and the payroll dashboard enable the payroll process to be performed entirely in Prosoft. 

This is one example of how Prosoft can be a single source of truth. We reduce the risk of having the confidential salary information available outside the system (and potentially outside the office when the payroll admin performs this process at home) and provide better documentation. 

Payroll dashboard


To visualize what happens during the payroll process, the payroll dashboard helps the payroll admin to monitor and manage all pay runs in the organization.  The payroll admin, for example, can check the status of the pay run, find out how many pay runs in a certain status or which indicators exceed the specified threshold, and perform the follow-up. This will make it easier for the payroll admin to perform better analysis during the payroll process. 


This feature allows HR admin to design their required forms and make them available for the intended employees to fill in and submit them in Prosoft and then let someone or more people verify them based on the configured workflow. 

We can find a lot of use cases for this eForm, particularly during the pandemic period when new policies or requirements need to be implemented on short notice. Some organizations may use Google forms, shared Excel files, or other applications to collect information from the employees in a Health declaration form, Covid19 vaccination status form, Book your desk form, or Travel request form.



This eForm functionality is another example of how Prosoft acts as a single source of truth. All the required information from the employees is now available in one system, Prosoft, instead of being spread over different Excel files or applications. With all information available in one place, this will also make better documentation for audit and further analysis later on.

Having the forms in Prosoft also means solving the confidentiality issue when for example, we use a shared Excel file to get information on the Covid19 vaccination status since the data is basically being shared with all employees who get access to the file. 

eForm functionality


We aim to design this eForm as easy as possible for the employees and the managers to use—the same thing with the flexible workflow where we can see the status of the form, how many have been completed, or how many haven’t been started yet.

If you're interested to find out more about these new features, please get in touch with your account manager.

Dhina Ekawati

Dhina Ekawati

Lead Product Manager of HCM, Unit4 APAC

Dhina Ekawati is the Lead Product Manager of HCM in Unit4 APAC with more than 15 years of professional experience in different industries. She completed her postmaster program in Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 2007 with a design of a strategic workforce planning system as her final project, which landed her a job as a Product Manager in an HR solution provider in Germany after graduation. She is passionate about HR analytics and technology and how to use them to improve HR processes.