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Prosoft and workforce flexibility: what’s new in Q3?

from  September 22, 2022 | 5 min read

HCM systems have been through so many changes since their early days of mainframe computers, where it’s mainly used to store employees’ records. The technology and the requirements from the HCM market contribute enormously to this transformation. One of the trends that we hear a lot these days is workforce flexibility, especially in this post-pandemic period.  People learn during the pandemic about flexible lifestyles and work-life balance like they’ve never experienced before. Organizations have to deal with work flexibility and support the growing gig economy. Statista projected steady gig economy growth in 2023 and even predicted that by 2027 half of the US population will be engaged in gig work. 

Prosoft set this workforce flexibility as one of the focuses in 2022. One main feature we have worked on since the end of last year is the Flexible Roster, finalized in Q3 2022 to help our customers in the increased need for more flexibility in rostering and supporting the gig economy.

Flexible  Roster

Flexible Roster is built for the v9 Enterprise version on top of our ever-reliable standard Roster, which has been available in v8. 


It enables rostering to be more versatile for supervisors to assign roster timings in an ad hoc or customized manner, which may not necessarily be tied to the shift master.

Flexible Roster allows you to roster multiple employees simultaneously and perform publish functions to notify your employee that their schedule is ready. 

We have also aligned some flexible validations from v8 to help supervisors ensure that the roster he is creating complies with regulatory rules. For example, the system can check if the roster created violates any maximum consecutive roster days capping. For such violations, further actions can be made, like setting up roster approvals.

Aside from that, this Flex Roster also includes the Global Update and Import function, Flexible breaks, Multi-Shift, Shift Invite, Approval Reminders, and Status Report.


As part of the continuous enhancement for Prosoft, we also have Payroll Data Lock and RFID clocking in our Q3 release this year.

Payroll Data Lock

Payroll Data Lock enables to lock employee master after a cut-off date so users can’t make accidental changes that affect payroll already processed. Payroll Admin can control data changes to the employee master and mitigate discrepancies between payroll reports and HR data to improve payroll data integrity during the payroll process.


This functionality, together with Payroll Automation and Payroll Dashboard from the previous release, will enhance the Prosoft Payroll module in v9.

RFID Clocking

RFID badge clocking option is also now available to complete the Prosoft attendance management solution that helps you maintain continuous clocking activities, aside from manual clocking and face recognition clocking that we previously have. It allows employees to do clocking activities using a physical identifier or badge linked to employee data stored in the system.

With this new functionality, you may set up an RFID badge clocking station at any designated location where you wish to manage all employee attendances and be assured of having them fully integrated into the attendance system.

If you're interested in discovering these new features, please get in touch with your account manager.


Dhina Ekawati

Dhina Ekawati

Lead Product Manager of HCM, Unit4 APAC

Dhina Ekawati is the Lead Product Manager of HCM in Unit4 APAC with more than 15 years of professional experience in different industries. She completed her postmaster program in Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 2007 with a design of a strategic workforce planning system as her final project, which landed her a job as a Product Manager in an HR solution provider in Germany after graduation. She is passionate about HR analytics and technology and how to use them to improve HR processes.