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NextGen eForm on web

NextGen eForm on web

from  July 18, 2022 | 3 min read

As we get more digitalized in these modern times, most things are accessible online. In an organization, having a single source of truth is important in ensuring data accuracy and maintaining employee records. Forms are often used in an organization, where employees can request specific work-related items, submit declarations, or simply sharing feedback required by their HR.  

What is NextGen form?

Every form has different sets of requirements and verification stages, depending on its purpose. With our NextGen EForm, HR Admins have the flexibility to define specific workflows and permissions based on form requirements. This ensures forms submitted will undergo proper transition stages and handled by relevant parties. Indirectly, it reduces form processing time and increases efficiency.

How do you submit form?

Employees can submit forms for themselves, their peers, or their supervisor.
Managers can submit forms for themselves, their peers, their subordinates, or their supervisor.

This can be done in 4 simple steps!

1. Choose who you want to submit the form for
2. Choose which form you want to submit
3. Fill in the questionnaires 
4. Move form to the subsequent stage



What happens after form submission?

Once the form is submitted, it will be routed to relevant parties for verification (if any). 
Relevant parties will fill in the respective form sections they are responsible for, and transition the form forward or backward, depending on workflow transition access granted. 

The form will then continue to go through the various workflow stages it requires, up till completion.

Can I view history of forms submitted?

Yes! With the Summary screen, employees can view all the forms that they have submitted for themselves, or on behalf of others. 

In addition, all forms which they have actioned upon can also be viewed from the Summary screen. This gives you an overview of the current status of each form, where you can then follow up with relevant parties, where necessary.

Sharifah Farah Hanum

Sharifah Farah Hanum

Product Manager

Joined Unit4 in January 2020, Farah is a Product Manager handling mainly NextGen modules for our Web system, and also assists in handling Malaysia payroll-related items. Prior to joining Unit4, Farah started off her career as an IT Support Analyst in the Healthcare industry and later moved to the Quality Assurance cum Business Analyst role in the HR Software industry. 

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