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SMEs guide- best HR software in singapore

SMEs guide to finding the best HR software in Singapore

from  November 11, 2021 | 4 min read

Like large corporations, small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from an HR system. Human resource software helps streamline common HR tasks, such as  record keeping, payroll, tracking, and employee management. And the best thing? The technology can adapt to SMEs needs as they grow.

So if your business wants to save more time and resources in managing the entire organisation, it’s about time to get HR software. Having this tool also means ensuring a high level of security, little-to-zero data errors, and more time on other beneficial duties. Efficient workforce management stems from synergy between the right HR solution and your business needs.

Finding the best human resource system isn’t a piece of cake. You must think about the size of your company and choose the type of software solution that best suits your business needs, among other many things. Understanding what options are available and which best suits your needs is the right step to take towards efficient workforce management.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when buying an HR system in Singapore:

3 questions to ask when looking for HR software

Hris system Singapore

1. What types of HR software are available on the market?

There is a wide range of systems for HR to choose from. For example, you can find solutions for payroll, timekeeping, and recruiting, as well as others that combine several of these aspects to provide a more comprehensive and integrated solution.

Below are the three types of HR technologies:

Human capital management software (HCM)

Short for human capital management software, HCM helps in the acquisition, administration, and optimization of a company's staff. This tool assists you in increasing dedication, productivity, and the worth of your company. In short,this software combines elements that are directly connected to human resource management.

This software is also developed to design and implement onboarding procedures, evaluate employee performance, and manage training and internal development programmes.

In the ever-changing business world, it’s important for SMEs to have a workforce management software that can help them in managing their employees and resources. With HCM software, HR managers will be able to do payroll, time and attendance tracking, onboarding new hires and much more.

Human resources information system (HRIS)

A human resources information system or HRIS software, on the other hand, combines a number of essential functionalities that will make your team's daily tasks easier,including:

  • Absence management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Recruitment. 
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Benefits administration.

Internal operations, particularly the data and documents that you interact with on a daily basis, are digitised using this type of technology. This guarantees that information is secure and accessible through a single platform, making the HR team's job considerably easier.

Human resources management system (HRMS)

HRMS or a human resources management system is the most comprehensive HR solution. It includes all the features of HRIS and HCM systems and has unique functionalities—payroll processing, time management, and workforce management.

When investing in HRMS software like Unit4 Prosoft, you will have access to all of the HR modules or features found in an HRIS and HCM. This means you can execute and manage many HR functions with great ease whilst enabling better and faster decision-making, and increasing productivity.

A comprehensive HR management solution, HRMS software integrates and automates all the HR functions of a business from recruitment to employee recognition. It also allows businesses to take advantage of the latest technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

2. What are the features to watch out for?

An "all-in-one" solution is the ideal choice when it comes to digitising the personnel department and selecting HR management software. Or, to put it another way, a platform that includes as many tasks as possible, allowing the team to focus on more strategic concerns while saving time.

hris software Singapore


Unit4’s solutions backed by their full people experience suite includes all the features an HR department needs to streamline its day-to-day processes:

  • Absence and leave management.
  • Attendance.
  • Employee portal.
  • Onboarding.
  • Performance management.
  • Workflows.
  • Payroll.
  • Reporting and analytics.

When shopping around for the HR software that best suits your business, it’s also important to look out for features like ease of use and customizability. User-friendliness is important: if the software is difficult to understand or requires a lot of training, it may not be the most adoptable.

Unit4 Prosoft, in particular, is designed for people-centric organisations. It embraces an approach where people and software work together to provide effective solutions. Since this HR system values the ‘human’ element in human resources, it can empower your HR team to do purposeful work.

3. How much does HR management software cost?

The more employees you have, the higher the cost. On the other hand, if you're a small business with 10 employees, you'll have access to comprehensive and high-quality service at a much smaller fee. Online HR software prices vary significantly because they usually offer different subscription plans depending on the features you want to use. Different solutions will of course vary in price. For example, subscribing to HRMS software for your Singapore business may cost more than a basic HCM solution.


Hiring employees after establishing a company is a significant milestone that necessitates some serious and crucial decision-making. In a global pandemic, human resource professionals have it harder than ever.

The bottomline for all companies is to secure the most efficient workforce management tools available to them. Whether you have a large team of employees or are running with a smaller team, having the right software to help manage your employees will make all the difference.

HRMS software is the perfect solution for Singapore businesses because it helps them to manage their workforce, streamline their processes and maximise efficiency, but it may not be the prefered solution for your company.

To succeed, your HR team needs the most capable tools available like HRMS. The good news is you can find plenty of reliable HR software in Singapore—and Unit4 Prosoft is one.

Built on the Unit4 People Platform, our human resource solution provides you with global as well as region-specific solutions to help your organisation transform your people’s work into a more meaningful and inspiring experience.

Unit4 Prosoft

Unit4 Prosoft have been serving customers in Asia for 30 years and is trusted by over 1,000 businesses across the APAC region in the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, construction, and professional services industries. Unit4 Prosoft HRMS has modules that support every aspect of your HRMS programs and allows you to manage people’s entire hire-to-retire cycle with a central control center and database. Your people get the flexibility and freedom to have what they need—how, when and where they need it.