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Software for HR management

5 Indicators it's time to get software for HR management

from  June 1, 2022 | 3 min read

Have you been planning to get software for HR management but not sure whether you really need it? Or is buying online HRM software never an option because you’re too welded on your paper-based human resource systems?

Whichever category you fall under, we’re certain that your company and HR department have faced a few challenges—challenges that you only choose to ignore.

The truth is, failing to address human resource management issues has costly consequences. It can create a disengaged and unproductive workforce, result in poor employee retention, and hamper business operations, among other things.

We’ve listed some indicators that you need an HR software solution.

1. Little time, more work

A full-length eight-hour shift isn’t always enough for busy human resource professionals, especially during the payroll and reporting periods. This is a common case for companies that use traditional clocking in and out systems. 

Payroll staff leave the office last because of the manual payroll process; they check employees’ timecards, input data into a spreadsheet, then proceed to payroll calculation.

If a human resource management system (HRMS) is in place, payroll specialists won’t need to render overtime and chase the payroll deadline. The software lets them automate salary computation, tax withholding, benefits administration, and issuance of e-payslips.

2. Never-ending paperwork

The never-ending paperwork is one of the flashing signs that require you to go digital. HR departments manage and control several documents—and these records will increase over the years and as your business expands.

Not only is maintaining a pile of papers time-consuming, but also costly. You need to find a designated place for the printed documents, buy office supplies (paper, folder, binders, envelopes, etc.), and allot a budget for printing costs.

When you choose to invest in software for HR management, you free your HR staff from the daunting paperwork. The technology stores all employee and business information in a central location; it also provides users access rights, giving employees access to only what they can view.

3. Escalating human errors

The problem with manual HR administration and disparate systems is they’re prone to data errors. Add up the fact that human resource professionals are only humans; it’s normal for them to make mistakes when exhausted and swamped.

Here’s the good news: online HRM software provides a solution to data entry mistakes. The tool automates and replaces core labour-intensive human resources processes.

For example, users can input or update a single piece of information with little time. The data reflects across the company’s multiple systems, reducing the risk of human errors.

4. Increasing admin burden

Are you adding more members to your human resource team to make hte HR work more manageable? While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s hard to justify an expense when you can eliminate it in the first place.

Chances are your new HR staff will just tackle administrative tasks, such as organising and maintaining internal records, processing employee data, answering employees’ questions, and providing requested information.

By purchasing a good HRMS solution, you can reduce the admin burden and overhead expenses. The software covers the job of two or more people as it performs a lot of things, including the routine HR activities mentioned above.

5. Data security has gone berserk

Paper-based processes aren’t only the major culprit of underperforming HR employees, but they’re also the common cause of data security threats. Printed documents, including confidential financial reports and personnel files can get lost or stolen.

And the worst-case scenario? Anyone who has access to the physical storage can expose HR records to hackers or data thieves. Plus, you wouldn’t know who did the malicious act unless you have CCTV cameras installed in your storage room.

In HR software, there are access permissions given to users. You can assign permissions for a specific role and select what information your employees can open, edit, and share. 

Wrap up: Get software for HR management

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, don’t turn a blind eye. As clichéd as it may seem, your employees are your most valuable asset. Take initiatives to prevent them from being overworked, keep their sanity and protect their personal data.

Unit4 Prosoft values your team’s productivity. We provide a one-stop solution for all your HR needs, so your people can focus on the core processes and manage the workforce more effectively.

Get a free specialist demo to learn more about how our HRMS solution can help your HR team work smarter with greater flexibility and scalability.

Unit4 Prosoft

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