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Choosing an HR system in Malaysia

Things to consider when choosing an HR system in Malaysia

from  November 12, 2021 | 5 min read

Looking for the right  HR system in Malaysia for your company? If so, you’ve probably realized that it’s not an easy decision, nor should it be. The right HR Software can help make the lives of HR professionals monumentally better, while a bad one could give them more work – in addition to being a financial drain on the company.

However, if you choose the correct HR Software, it can not only serve as a safe database, but it can also assist you in managing your personnel and increasing employee engagement. When searching for an HR system for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Here are 5 things to consider an HR software system in Malaysia

1. Employee self-service

HR systems in Malaysia are frequently cloud-based, allowing them to be accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. One advantage with HR  software like this is that employees may change their own personal information, making it easier for HR to stay on top of employee details

HR system malaysia-Employee Self Service

The employee self-service (ESS) portal enables employees to change data such as emergency contact information or bank account details, but not job-related information, such as pay, job title, or line manager. This not only reduces the HR team's administrative workload, but it also increases the data's accuracy.

2. Effective reporting

Another advantage of using an HR system in Malaysia is that it allows for more accurate and effective reporting. By implementing HR software, businesses can track and update employee information efficiently, allowing for them to track things like absenteeism, performance and promotions.

HR software-Effective Reporting

HR reporting is something that every company should have access to. Tracking employee activities and performance is a useful way to tackle team cohesion and motivation and keeping an eye on general morale.

3. Company documentation

An HR system should also serve as a central repository for key corporate documents, including employee handbooks, rules and procedures, appraisal forms and other things. Since all HR-related information is easily accessible, employees won't waste time hunting for information in different places.

HR system-Company documentation

Keeping a library of all key company documentation and governance materials in your HR software also provides a sense of security for your employees. They know where to find the information they might need, and thus feel more secure in their knowledge of company processes and procedures.

4. Reminders & task planning

When buying HR software in Malaysia, look for a system that can help with admin tasks and reminders. HR solutions designed with automated reminders allows HR administrators to manage fixed-term contracts nearing the expiration, probationary periods soon to finish, sick leave forms to be filled, salary or performance requiring evaluation, and other things.

HR software malaysia-Reminders

Automated reminders and planning of tasks is all part of the benefit of having a HR software in place. There are always things to remember and things to do; sometimes too many and things get lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day items that need to be accomplished at any business. An HR system, especially in Malaysia, will make sure that nothing gets lost and forgotten. After all, the better the information system, the more motivated and productive the employee.

5. Security

It’s imperative that HR software safeguards employees' privacy and guarantees that the data is correct. It’s also vital that only authorised parties can access it. As a result, all HR software must use usernames and passwords for access and that it retains records of access requests to track who has viewed files as it is being developed.

HR system-Security

Like in other countries, HR systems in Malaysia prioritise security. The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of 2010 requires that all companies protect personal data and information in accordance with Malaysian law. There are strict consequences for any companies that do not do their best to protect data privacy.

Summing up

Having the right HR system in Malaysia will bolster your business and increase your employee productivity. By providing access to personnel data in real-time, everything related to employment is right there at everyone’s fingertips.. HR software also allows for the sending of reminders and tasks, enabling teams to stay on top of all matters and maintain team cohesion and motivation.

At Unit 4 Prosoft we work with a range of HR software providers and can help you choose and implement the best one for your organisation. 

Please contact us if you would like further information.

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